Student Trustees for 2023/2024 School Year

(September 20, 2023) The Algoma District School Board (ADSB) welcomes three new Student Trustees for the 2023/2024 school year. They are Casey Bouvier from Chapleau High School, Andrew Vair from Superior Heights and Desirae Schell-Migwans from Superior Heights as our Indigenous Student Trustee. All appointments became effective as of August 1, 2023.

Casey BouvierCasey Bouvier is a Grade 11 student at Chapleau High School. She is a hard-working student who has demonstrated collaboration and commitment to completing tasks. She is dependable, organized and reliable and these qualities have been demonstrated in her classroom studies, during school events, and within the community of Chapleau where Casey volunteers her time with the Chapleau Ski Club and the Chapleau Arena.
Casey has identified several priorities she would like to focus on during her term as Student Trustee. One is making sure that the voices of all students are heard and recognized, including those of different racial backgrounds, identities, religions and beliefs. She also hopes to help her peers build confidence to find their voices. Casey recognizes that students can be reluctant to share their views and opinions for fear of being criticized. She hopes to help eliminate that resistance and will lead by example, using her voice to speak up on behalf of those who are often under-represented and who do not feel heard. Finally, Casey would like to ensure that students are excited about coming to school every day and would like to prioritize student involvement in school and board wide events. She wants to ensure that students feel safe and welcomed by and in our school communities.

Casey joined Student Senate in her Grade 9 year and has since been part of organizing and participating in a variety of Senate events including Bon Soo Olympics and the Student Senate Grand Opening and end of year Galas. Casey also played an instrumental role in activities held at Chapleau High School including a Halloween painting event, a Christmas door decorating contest and painting a mural to represent donations collected for a food bank event.

Andrew Vair is a Grade 12 student at Superior Heights C&VS. In his time there, Andrew has been involvedAndrew Vair in Student Senate, Student’s Council and Link Crew. As a member of Student’s Council, he is one who staff turn to when they need help with technology and getting the students involved as he is a natural leader.
Andrew has identified several areas that he believes are crucial to the success and well-being of students. He would like to increase student participation in school and board activities, suggesting that perhaps students be required to try out for a team, club or volunteer at their school at least once prior to graduation. He is also eager to address vaping in school washrooms. He hopes that Student Senate can continue to raise awareness about the dangers of vaping and taking steps to prevent it. He has discussed the issue with his school’s Senate team and together they have put some

ideas and plans together for moving forward. Andrew believes that by encouraging more student participation in activities and promoting student engagement, we can create a positive and supportive environment for students that fosters personal growth and development.

Andrew excels in academics taking AP courses on top of his already demanding course load and French Immersion. Andrew is a well-rounded student who exemplifies good character, sportsmanship and responsibility. He is a role model for his peers and all those around him as he leads with integrity.

DesDesirae Schell-Migwans is a Grade 12 student at Superior Heights C&VS. She served as Vice Chair of the ADSB Northern Indigenous Youth Council (NIYC) for the 22/23 school year and now continues as the ADSB Indigenous Student Trustee and NIYC Chair for the 23/24 school year.
Desirae lives in Sault Ste Marie, her band is from M’chigeeng / Manitoulin Island and her clan is eagle. She works hard to achieve her goals and is a reliable team player. In her time as Vice Chair, Desirae expressed an interest in helping to eliminate racism within schools, spreading the knowledge about her culture to staff members and other students, and making a better environment and community for schools in the Algoma District School Board. She plans to continue this work and advocacy moving forward in her role as Chair of the NIYC.
She would like to continue to host cultural events in schools, inviting in more elders to share stories and teachings. She hopes to have students from different cultural backgrounds working and collaborating together on these kinds of school events.

Her priority is to make students feel more comfortable to embrace their culture all the while enjoying a safe, happy environment. Desirae has been described as a strong mediator within her peer group. She exemplifies the characteristics needed for the position of Chair of the NIYC as she has shown her commitment to her culture, her advocacy work and has demonstrated her leadership qualities both in her school and the community.